Introduction | Our agents have planned travel to all seven continents


Let Introduce ourselves before

Name:   HB Company
Location:   Antananarivo Avaradoha (HeadQuarter) Tana 101
Founder: HostultimeTM Group
Year:   2012
Service: Web Hosting and Telecommunication Network
Phone Number: +261 34 08 442 27
Contact Name:   Mr Naina

hostoptimal was founded in 2012 by groups of engineers. We provide free domain name eg: for Website with a lot of extension: .COM, .NET, .FR, .ORG, .INFO in low price. We host website in a secure and fast server, we deliver it with professional Email too. We can help you to mount your website’s company or personal website by creating, hosting and designing it though multi CMS like WordPress&GRAV for blogs and Prestashop for e-commerce or online marketing, all of that in ONE CLICK! We can also offer extra services: VPS, KVM and dedicated servers (help you to get your online server) with multi OS such as Windows server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Linux, Cloudlinux, pfSence, OPNsense, CoreOS, Kali, Backbox, Parrot Linux, … We deliver ERP, CRM and APP for business, projet and Company Management: All with cheap price

Agent Locations and Payment Mode

Our goal: to give the tools for individual, future contractor, company to pursue their goal, dream. To assist them and raise their project. Young, ambitious and talented, we want to help you. We planned to put our agency to all countries that we all come from, Africa: Benin, Togo, …, Asia: Thailand, South America: Bolivia,…, Europe: France, Slovakia, …

To assist and raise the project of ambitious and talented people, we are going to go abroad to better serve our customers. Our team planned to represent hostoptimal to their country and bring all products that we have. The payment mode will depend on each country. For Madagascar: our customer can pay cash, through Telma M-Vola, bank transfer, Orange Money, Airtel Money, Paypal by Debit/Credit Card or Bitcoin.


International Number, SMS and Calls


Great Low-Cost International

You can make international call or to send SMS globally from our BestofCall.COM global SIP numbers that has a higher rate per minute with low surcharges, calling across the globe starts with the right country code, check on our previous post (about SMS) to check the country code list.

SMS & Call Worldwide Mobiles or Landlines Numbers

Stay connected with your loved ones, businesses, friends and others, call different countries with Smart IDD. Calling international destinations for cheap is not a dream anymore. Best cheap international call suppliers and rates, and save on your long distance calls with us.

From our BestofCall.COM, you can make a call to 200 countries at low cost or worldwide cheap SMS with international phone number, with a bonus of 10 minutes for a maximum of 15 minutes calls! All customers who host their website with us or bought one of our services, they can benefit an unlimited call every one week! Below are the list of destinations: