Training at Low Cost

We started to train Web & System and Network Administrator from 2017 one hundred students and workers, from Web administrator (Web hosting, ERP, CRM) to System and Network Administrator (RHEL, Network Server applications, Security, Callcenter), we deliver Certificate of Completion for two weeks (10 days short term training) and 3 monts (long term training) from our professors, Doctor Degree (US and China Universities) in Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering, the course can be taught in 4 languages: English, Frensh, Malagasy and Chinese.

You will get real person to person to teach you online, all courses are all practical means you need to apply all courses via your own server and network equipment or via HostOptimal Cloud Network Platform if you don’t have your own server and network equipment. After each course, you will get homework (practical of course) that need to be finished before the next course will start. Softwares and numerical book guide will also be provided to you once the online registration achieved! After registration and course started, we will also add you to our HostOptimal Web & System and Network Administrator community.

Program lists and Contacts

  • Linux basic training: Red Hat Enterprise
  • Network admin training via dedicated server and cloud:
    – Installation and Configuration Services (Samba, FTP, DNS, Web,…)
    – Network security (DDoS, SSL, HTTPS, firewall)
    – Web/email/DB hosting (WebPanel)
    – ERP – CRM Management, banking, finance-HR-Sales Manager
    – CMS, SEO: WordPress, PrestaShop, index
    – VPN/proxy server, Container and Docker
    – LAN/WAN Admin (,… authentication)
    – VoIP server (audiovisual, local/international call-CallCenter, Cisco IP phone…)
    – Installation Zimbra email (company/Government)
    – The servers are based in the United States/Canada/Germany/England, France-Japan-Singapore
    – US/European cloud application: Amazon AWS, Microsoft azure, Google GCP, Rackspace